Monday, April 9, 2012


The Mahabharat depicts sibling rivalry, diplomatic manoeuvring and shifting of human values. It climaxes in a direct confrontation on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, between five sons of King Pandu (Pandavas) and hundred sons of King Dhritarastra (Kauravas). It is a tale of war between brothers – between sons and fathers; students and teachers.
It marks the end of Dvapar Yuga (an era of moral lifes of values and principles) and the commencement of Kal Yuga (an era of selfishness, deceit and immorality).
The Mahabharat is divided into eighteen books or chapters (called Parvas):

01. Adi Parva                                  02. Sabha Parva
03. Aranyak or Van Parva                04. Virat Parva
05. Udyog Parva                             06. Bhishma Parva
07. Drona Parva                              08. Karna Parva
09. Shalya Parva                            10. Sauptika Parva
11. Stri Parva                                 12. Shanti Parva
13. Anushashana Parva                  14. Ashwamegha Parva
15. Ashramvasik Parva                   16. Musala Parva
17. Mahaprasthanika Parva             18. Swargarohan Parva

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