Monday, April 16, 2012

Sloka 4

सर्वः शर्वः शिवः स्थाणुर्भूतादिर्निधिरव्ययः
संभवो भावनो भर्ता प्रभवः प्रभुरीश्वरः १७
Sarvah sharvah shivah sthaanur bhootadi-r nidhir avyayah
Sambhavo bhaavano bhartaa pradhavah prabhureeshvarah . “4”
He who all the cause of creation, destruction be,
He who is pure, stable, removes all sins fully,
He from whom all the beings evolved certainly,
Who is never destroyed even at deluge surely.

He who is all that happens - giver of everything be,
The inexhaustible treasure, basis supports all clearly,
In whom all are born and of a sublime nature he be,
Who is all powerful, clever with unconstrained ability. 

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